Ekonomi Islam, Kearifan Lokal dan Penegakkan Hak EKOSOB

Penulis : Addiarrahman | Diposting oleh Administrator | 25 April 2015

This article explains the problems of Islamic economic and local wisdom. Especially, its relation to enforcement of Economic, Social, and Culture Rights (ESC Rights). This is based on the condition that the efforts of Islamic economics development addressing the problems of degradation of imagination; from prophetic-cosmological imagination to popular imagination. The existence of Islamic banking becomes popular symbols that has lost the spirit of Islamic values. At this point, local wisdom has the certain space because has a long time acculturated and assimilated with Islamic values. Local wisdom is a part of ESC rights. Nevertheless, how the paradigm and model of development of Islamic economic based on local wisdom are important to discuss critically. There are the ilahiyah paradigm (continuity) and change paradigm become the basis for development of economic with accommodative model, institusional, creative economy, and networking.

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