Manajemen Wakaf di Indonesia

Penulis : Rusydi Sulaiman | Diposting oleh Administrator | 25 April 2015

In Indonesia, waqf could not run effectively because of some problems; public policy, public trust and management of waqf and so on . It was different with other moslem countries, such as Egypt and Malaysia, also Singapore even it is not moslem country, etc. As an Islamic Philanthropy, Waqf contributed significantly to build community.This article describes about waqf in Indonesia: Strengthening the role of Syari’ah Finacial Insitution. It consists of pradigm of waqf, some policies to waqf in Indonesia, Waqf and Social-justice, the institutionalization of Waqf management, the role of Syari’ah Finacial Institution in developing productive waqf, and Waqf Center: a case in Kep. Bangka Belitung.. Two types of Syari’ah Financial Instituiton which manages money-waqf are an instituiton of bank and non-bank. As financial institution, both have a big role in developing a product and commercial-service to have an invest and other profit then. So a productive waqf should be well-managed to create out-standing community.

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